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Know the Prospects: Social Media Edition

Doing it for the ‘gram!


As is tradition (2 years = tradition!), TWIKSM presents a brief rundown of some of our top draft prospects and their main social media accounts, for your rainy day perusal.

R.J. Barrett

T: @rjbarrett6

I: @rjbarrett

Sad to say that our boy R.J. has a very Duke-ish and polished Insta account, with nothing but well lit and well cropped photos. However, his Stories are more dynamic, with more immediate locations and music and thoughts. This is a pattern we’ll see often: highly curated IG posts with looser Stories (which self-destruct after 24 hours), including this shoutout to NY:

His Twitter is mostly retweets of things about him, or other basketball-related items. When he does his own tweets they are largely thank yous or support of other players & teams. Very polite and enthusiastic.

Ja Morant

T: @igotgame_12

I: @igotgame12_

OK, the first thing we need to talk about is the fact that Ja’s Twitter is @igotgame_12 and his IG is @igotgame12_ and it’s sending me into some kind of OCD spiral. Stay in one place, underscore!

Ja is a big IG curator, with only 8 posts still up. Or maybe ever? Again, the action is in the Stories, which are mostly workout snippets. And music (and by music we mean a screenshot of either a phone or a car stereo to show what is playing) (we?) and some memes:

Ja is a prolific and enthusiastic tweeter, with a lot of laugh/cry and forehead slapping emoji quote-tweeting, i.e.:

He also did a Q&A from Twitter HQ which begins here:

Cam Reddish

T: @camreddish

I: @camreddish

On Instagram, Reddish is mostly prefessional-type photos. There is this baby-Cam gem, however:

View this post on Instagram

Happy Birthday to the Big Homie man

A post shared by Cam Reddish (@camreddish) on

Cam’s Twitter hasn’t been updated since August 2018, with the somewhat ironic:

Back, but not to Twitter, apparently.

Also, Cam does not have a FaceBook. How do I know? Well...

Jarrett Culver

T: @jarrettc08

I: @jarrett_23

Jarrett is not verified on Twitter. This could be a Jarrett Culver impersonator. Who knows? His IG is verified, however.

That IG also has only four posts because Jarrett is devoted to zen-like minimalism (maybe), but he has some perma-Stories posted. They’re mostly hanging out with friends. I like this picture:

View this post on Instagram

Still dancing in April #marchmadness

A post shared by Jarrett Culver (@jarrett_23) on

FYI, Mitchell Robinson follows Jarrett on the ‘gram.

JC’s another big quote-tweeter, and likes the praying hands:

Coby White

T: @cobywhite

I: @cobywhite

Sooooo, Coby’s Insta is basically a hair blog.

Told ya.

His Twitter is abundant and unverified and he ends almost all of his tweets with #FMF, I don’t know why.

Darius Garland

T: @dariusgarland22

I: @darius_garland

I have learned from Darius’s Twitter that he is a sneakerhead and that his father was also a point guard. This is the whole idea of social media, yes? Bringing the world closer through shared interests.

I have learned from his Instagram that he is with Klutch Sports and that he can do the robot (is that you, Darius?):