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Calling all June P&T mailbag questions!

With the season now over, the Knicks’ season now begins.

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

June. How I love June.

‘Twas was shaping up like a good June for the Knicks. Hadn’t lost a game in months. The nights of 20th (the draft) and 30th (free agency starts) figured to be exciting times around here. David Fizdale be hobnobbing with Señor Odinson. Winter, it seemed, was finally over. Maybe once and for all.

Then some tall drink of water got a boo-boo on his heel and all hell broke loose.

So let’s mailbag. Wanna play with numbers? We can do that. Narrative? We can do that. Surreal speculation? We can do that. Xs and Os? Drew Steele taught me how to use Streamable a while back, so we can even do that too. Get micro. Get meta. Wherever you go, I’ll follow.

Hit us up in the comments below or at P&T’s Twitter page. It’s no place to raise a family, but the busboys are the best in the city.