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Darius Garland works out for Knicks, but Woj says R.J. Barrett is the likely pick

It’s still possible the Knicks do not select RJ Barrett.

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Following a hastily set up workout with the Knicks, Darius Garland sounded content, if not confident, about his standing in the draft. Despite missing the prospect media day to attend the workout, Garland seemed in good spirits. According to Marc Berman, Garland has a lot of fans in New York’s front office. Some even believe he’ll prove out to be the best guard selected, and Garland agrees.

Even though there was a sudden urge to get Darius into the garage and check under the hood, the Knicks may still be leaning toward the likely RJ Barrett selection, per Woj.

So regardless of having fans in the organization, Barrett seems to be the guy that carries more weight where it counts. Wherever the draft leads them, it would appear they’ll be satisfied with whoever comes their way.

That might not mean much to New Orleans however, because the Pelicans have made noise about being prepared to jump in front of the Knicks to secure Barrett.

Now, Peter Vecsey is probably just stirring the pot because he likes to fiddle. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no pot to stir! Certainly the Knicks have reacted to the possibility of losing Barret.

With the Grizzlies having officially cleared the runway for Ja Morant, it comes off as unlikely to really change. Unless Memphis is bowled over by a potential Pelicans offer. Those birdies did just snag nearly a decade’s worth of picks from the Lakers. This would obviously throw a monkey wrench in the proceedings. Whatever happens, the clock is winding down. Hold on to your butts.