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WOJ: Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard are discussing teaming up in free agency, with the Knicks a possible destination

I wouldn’t mind it!

Golden State Warriors v Toronto Raptors - Game Five Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski dropped the mother of all Woj bombs on us Saturday afternoon.

The Knicks, eh? Yes, that would do. That would do nicely. It’s hard to believe the Knicks could compete with the Clippers, who have far better players, and who play in Kawhi’s hometown, but whatever. Kawhi and KD, baby!

There’s little of substance to Woj’s actual article, but we did definitively learn that the Knicks will get a meeting with Leonard once free agency starts. That’s not nothing! It certainly seems as if Durant is working hard to lure another superstar to New York, which likely means the Knicks are his preferred choice. That second superstar might be hard to come by, however. Kyrie wants the Nets (herb) and the other stars seems to have better destinations lined up.

Once interesting nugget that could come from this: The Clippers would have to dump Danilo Gallinari if they were to sign both KD and Kawhi. I wouldn’t give up anything of value for him — his injury history terrifies me — but he’s a damn good player when he’s healthy. Could the Knicks get Il Gallo back on a salary dump?

Let’s get some good players somehow, Knicks!