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Thoughts on the death of the Kevin Durant dream

Saracens Photocall Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

It was bound to happen, I suppose. For months, Knicks fans held onto the dream of future Hall of Famer Kevin Durant swooping in and saving our beloved franchise from irrelevance. Many of us even held out hope after Durant tore his Achilles in the NBA Finals. We didn’t have much, but we had hope.

That hope is now gone. Not only did Durant spurn the Knicks, he made sure to hand us one final punch to the gut, choosing instead to sign with the crosstown Brooklyn Nets. The NBA community’s response was predictable, from good old fashioned LOLKnicks shit-posting to blaming Knicks fans for not organizing massive nonviolent Gandhian resistance to the Dolan Regime.

And so we fans are left to crawl out from yet another avalanche of derision and soldier on. We aren’t likely to storm the MSG parapets en masse and turn the Knicks into a People’s Republic anytime soon; we’ll probably just go on watching our favorite basketball team as they stumble through the NBA desert. We’ll buy a huge number of RJ Barrett jerseys, especially if he goes off in Summer League. Oh, sweet Summer League: You can’t come soon enough.

What will the front office do in the meantime? They seem to be hard at work on Plan B, which is comforting, I suppose.

Hey, those are solid guys! Perhaps the Knicks can sign a few solid dudes, and maybe the kids will all take those critical steps forward this season, and maybe, if the East is bad enough, just maybe...