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Report: Dolan was not interested in paying max contract to Durant

As if that’s the only thing it hinged on

2019 NBA Finals - Game Six Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

NBA free agency has been open for no time whatsoever and the entire league has completely fractured. I’m sure you’ve already been pepper-sprayed with hot takes. Superstars, starters, role players and Thomas Bryants have capitalized on the mayhem. Players leave their old teams for new teams every July. Canon at this point. Kevin Durant decided to take his talents to Brooklyn’s training facility.

Well everyone is gonna tell you to freak out. I’m not like those fools. Kevin Durant’s max was actually the five years, $221m from Golden State. So it wasn’t all about money. Even though you’ll get some numb nuts foaming at the mouth to tell you how ludicrous and obscene things have gotten in New York.

Look, the writing has been on the wall since the All Star break when Kyrie Irving and Durant were seen talking in the hallway. After which Kyrie elected not to throw water on the fire, no he’d rather see it all burn down.

My favorite quote from back then was, “Is the internet real for you in your life?” So I suppose this didn’t happen since the internet was defeated that petulant day.

Maybe James Dolan was snake bitten by the Amar’e Stoudemire contract situation. Or maybe it was simply the ridicule the Knicks would have assuredly gotten for signing someone who can’t even play for at least a year. Or maybe it was the idea of not being able to pair Durant with a second star caliber player because Kyrie had already decided it was Brooklyn or bust.

Whatever the case may be, the Knicks chose to remain flexible. It’s not the fastest route to dominance but it is not a sign of a franchise that is completely out of control. It’s a small but important step. Brooklyn was out in front of New York in terms of competence, Kyrie clearly decided the Knicks were not an option, Durant followed one of his best friends to the city’s most artisanal basketball team.

I’m cool, Steve. We’re cool.