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Game Preview: SummerKnicks vs. SummerLakers- 07/10/2019

Someone has to win.


The big Summer League finale is here!! Neither the Knicks or the Lakers have won a game so far. The Knicks were the gambler’s favorite to win at all. Old habits die hard and the Knicks tanked it out. Whoops! The good news (?) is that the Lakers stunk it up too. No wins, six losses, battle of los bastardos.

Who? Can the Knicks finally snag one? Or are they obsessed with losing? In the wake of the Reggie Bullock catastrophe can we finally blame James Dolan for leaving shooters open in the corners? Sell the team apparel!

Projected Starters

So, if you’re unaware, the Lakers are playing super silly small ball. Devontae Cacok is their tallest starter at 6’7”. They have some size on the roster but if that who they trot out there again, the Knicks need to bully them.

Key Matchup

Mitchell Robinson needs to either not play or not foul uncontrollably. He’ll be nearly a half foot taller than his matchup. I want to see him crack these dollhouse miniatures on the screen and stop hula hooping before he slips to the rim. Then finish up over the top like how you do, baby!

And take some jumpers! It’s only Summer League.


The Knicks actually have enough size to just overwhelm the Lakers and bombard the glass for putbacks all game long. They’ll probably cut the more important players loose nice and early. So Tyler Cavanaugh, come on down!

Knicks by -1.

Warm Up Music