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Game Thread: SummerKnicks vs. SummerLakers, 7/10/19

The end of the “regular season”

NBA: Summer League-New York Knicks at Toronto Raptors Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Turns out that even with one of the more “stacked” teams in Summer League, this mini season has proven to be about as painful as the regular season!

Sure, we all know that these games don’t really matter (unless the Knicks were winning, in which case these would have been the most important six days of our lives), but nobody else does! Everyone keeps showing that damn clip of Zion snatching the rebound from Knox over and over again. Damn it.

Thank goodness we’re to the end now. Or are we? I feel like there’s a consolation game or something. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Anyway, the game’s on MSG again at 9:30 PM local time. The 0-3 SummerKnicks face off against the also 0-3 SummerLakers. Something’s gotta give!

Please refrain from posting large images, gifs, or links to illegal streams (and/or rivers). And let’s try to have some fun out there, folks!