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Calling all July P&T mailbag questions!

Would Ju-lyke to talk about the Knicks?

Back when calendars were 10 months rather than 12, July was known as Quintilis. Quintilis brings to mind Brian Quinnett, a Knicks 2nd-round draft pick in 1989 who spent parts of three seasons in New York. I could only find one video commemorating the BQ era.

It’s time for a Quintilis mailbag! What’s on your mind? Let down by summer league? Hyped up ‘bout Marcus Morris? Worked up re: the media forever fretting over every possible thing with this franchise?

(I like Robert Silverman’s work very much, but come on, man.)

Free agency is pretty much over (besides what happens with Morris). RJ Barrett and Iggy Brazdeikis’ first footprints have been bronzed and dissected. You’re looking at 2-3 months of Frank Ntilikina trade rumors before the new season gets underway.

Give us all something better to chew on, either below in the comments or on our Twitter page. There is a P&T Facebook page, but the last post there is a scouting report of Ntilikina before the 2017 draft. I understand that for a lot of you Frank truthers going back to when he was all hope and hype and wingspan settles your nerves like milk of the poppy. I don’t judge anyone else’s escapism. Chug that leche. See you back here soon.