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The Knicks have started practicing in Las Vegas for Summer League


Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Free agency, schmee agency! The New York Knicks are back to play in the 2019 Las Vegas Summer League — i.e. The Only League That Matters.

The team touched down in Vegas Monday evening. Mitchell Robinson arrived in style, sporting socks, sandals and his very own “Mitch, Please!” t-shirt.

The official roster was announced Tuesday morning. The biggest surprise is the addition of Kadeem Allen.

Clearly New York is bringing out all the big guns in pursuit of Summer League glory.

Also, Mitch has officially changed his jersey number from 26 to 23. He wore the number is high school to honor two friends who were murdered, but Trey Burke had the number last season.

The Knicks have begun practice; they even shared some precious footage via Instagram.

From this footage we can draw two conclusions:

  1. RJ Barrett is a massive bust, perhaps the biggest in NBA history.
  2. Nobody will ever score on Mitchell Robinson again, ever.

The Knicks open their SL schedule on Friday at 9:30 PM EST on ESPN. Let’s go SummerKnicks! Get that summer glory!