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Knicks For Kids: Youth basketball campers react to the Knicks' summer move

These kids may be playing sports all day, but they know what’s exactly happening with their Knicks.

NBA: Summer League-New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The youth are paying attention, folks. Make no mistake about it. Even during the summer, when many children are playing and traveling away from home, they still make time to stay up to date about their favorite sports and teams. And throughout all of my years as a sports camp counselor — this is my 11th summer — few teams have fostered more loyal and always in-the-know fans than the New York Knicks.

So I decided to ask a few kids from Brant Lake Camp’s youngest group (ages seven to nine, which makes them too young to remember much of the Knicks' last playoff season) to share their thoughts about the Knicks via our very own roundtable discussion. A huge shout-out must be given to Austin, Blake, Chase, and Hudson, who were not only willing participants, but enjoyed themselves. *I promise to give you extra candy before the summer is over.

1. How do you feel about the Knicks drafting RJ Barrett?

Chase: I’m feeling good, to be honest. He was such a good player in college.

Austin: I feel really good about him as well, since he performed well at Duke. So if he could do that there, then his chances should be fine in the NBA.

Blake: Same as Austin and Chase. To have a very good player from college on your team is nice.

Hudson: Having RJ is going to make them better, to say the least. They won’t be much better, but they’ll improve and that’s cool.

2. Are there any players from these new-look Knicks who should be good next season?

Chase: RJ, Julius (Randle), and Kevin Knox.

Austin: It will definitely be RJ, Julius, Bobby Portis (just a little bit), and Taj Gibson. Oh, yeah, there’s Mitchell Robinson too (laughs).

Blake: I’m going with RJ and Julius as well.

Hudson: Give me the same answers as those guys.

3. To speak on RJ again, who wants to explain why they believe he’s going to be successful?

Austin: RJ has a lot of confidence in his game and played with Zion, which was huge. I also like how he drives to the basket and can be very productive.

Blake and Hudson: He’s really athletic, tall and can do things, others can’t.

4. Should people stay as Knicks fans?

Austin: Oh, yes! The Knicks are a New York team and have had their share of moments here. Plus it’s cool to support them. I know I like them a lot.

Hudson: I mean, I can understand why they stay as fans of the Knicks but they shouldn’t, if they like winning. That’s just my opinion.

5. Here’s the final question, fellas. What is your greatest memory from ever going to Madison Square Garden?

Blake: I went to a concert there along with a Knicks game and it was really cool. Seeing all of those lights and stuff in the arena’s ceiling was nice. Plus I saw this signed sneaker and jersey by Patrick Ewing.

Austin: That it’s just one of the best arenas ever. There’s a lot of history there and you will know a lot about it, once you go.

Hudson: I still haven’t gone, but I want to.