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SummerSuns 105, SummerKnicks 100 (Summer OT): Scenes from the Iggy Brazdeikis Show

Iggy good.

Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Have you been jonesing to watch your New York Knicks blow a big lead, mount a comeback, then come crashing down at the end? Of course you were — Lord knows, we haven’t seen it enough over the past few years.

Well you were in luck Sunday night, friends, because the Knicks of Summer League did not disappoint in disappointing at the end. Playing a Phoenix Suns club resting both of its first-round picks, the Knicks held a talent advantage and took advantage en route to a double-digit second-half lead. Then the Suns started hitting their threes, the Knicks had no answer, and suddenly Phoenix was up late and ready to put the game away. It took the singular brilliance of Ignas Brazdeikis (30 points) to rescue New York in the end, forcing overtime.

From there, the Knicks just kind of farted through two minutes of Summer League overtime as Phoenix pulled out the W in the Vegas desert.

So, Iggy. He was incredible, splashing threes and bullying his way to the rim. The turnovers were a bit high (5), but that was a theme for all the Knicks (27 turnovers, only 15 assists).

Fellow rookie RJ Barrett got the first bucket of the game in grand style.

He played a fairly smooth first quarter, hitting a three. But it was pretty much all downhill from there, as he finished the night with eight points on 3-15 shooting, one assist and eight turnovers.

Mitchell Robinson did his business — 17 points, nine rebounds — but committed four goaltending violations, including a crucial one in OT.

Kevin Knox (12 points) was hot early, but didn’t show up much in the second half.

Stingy will have the recap tomorrow. Remember, folks: These games don’t count.