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Game Preview: SummerKnicks vs. SummerRaptors- 07/09/2019

Who is the Summer League Drake?


The Summer Knicks look to finally get in the win column tonight against the Summer Raptors who were reeling and then rolling in their last outing. The Raps came back from a 26-point deficit, only to lose by three.

Will that maple aroma of the Raptors uniforms remind RJ Barrett of home, make him feel comfortable, and finally allow him the break out performance we so desperately crave? Or will it inspire another self involved navel gaze of a game? Where Barrett just searches for his own shot and never establishes any rhythm, and slowly disengages with teammates as the bricks pile up.

Who cares, give me the real Canadian meal, Iggy Brazdeikis!

Projected Starters

Tough to say if these lineups will stick. Kevin Knox and Mitchell Robinson are likely to shut it down soon. Allonzo Trier missed last game with an illness, flu like symptoms perhaps, and there is no reason to fret over him playing. The Canadian kids should get to rip into Canada’s team. I’m just hoping Amir Hinton is granted some run so he can really stretch his legs into the game. Him and Tyler Cavanaugh should be enough to get the Knicks the win at any level.

For Toronto, Jordan Loyd and Chris Boucher have made their presence felt. I think they should shut it down and get ready for training camp.

Key Matchup

What does Kadeem Allen do with Jordan Loyd? Kadeem is a tough defender, but Loyd is pretty tricky to stick with. From the little I have seen he seems to thrive when it gets wild. The Knicks just don’t seem like they are very on it when the game gets unpredictable. Allen will need to stay focused. The Knicks will also need to communicate to remain engaged on the inevitable switches in late clock situations.


The Summer LoLKnicks will get rolled on again. With Toronto nearly biting the apple in their comeback run against the Spurs, they’ll be set to hit the ground running. RJ Barrett goes 8-22 from the field for 21 points. The world rejoices for the chance to troll Knick fans.

Knicks by -12.

Warm Up Music