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The Knicks signed Lamar Peters to a non-guaranteed deal

See ya at training camp... and that’s about it.

Los Angeles Lakers v New York Knicks Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Last night the Knicks skipped a little stone out in the free agency pond by signing Mississippi State guard Lamar Peters. The jittery-quick lefty played with New York’s Summer League team in Las Vegas.

He’ll certainly fit with the style of player the front office seems to covet. He tries to turn corners, get downhill and ramp up the pace at every opportunity. This summer we saw a lot of flash with just a sprinkle of substance. Nevertheless, in three years with the Bulldogs he was a steady contributor, even shooting 38 percent on threes in his junior year on 6.6 attempts per game.

Most people will tell you at six feet tall and 180 pounds, he’s a little small for the power forward. The problem will arise when, after training camp is over and the Knicks have cut him because they have all their guaranteed deals figured out, he comes to some dumpy high school gym and posts your goofy ass up every time down the floor.

Ultimately, Peters is getting a nice big dish of ice cream for his services in Vegas and to be a nuisance at vet camp. It will probably lead to a year with the Westchester Knicks if he wants it. There he can learn the system, learn the players, improve his game-managing skills and maybe he’ll Kadeem Allen his way into town one day.

In other Lamar Peters news, I’ve heard through reputable sources he’s got a pool party to get ready for.

He’s one of about four Knicks that are old enough to drink. This doesn’t include Taj Gibson, who is too old to drink at this stage of his career. Congrats, Lamar!