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Dates to keep on the newly-released 2019-20 Knicks schedule

Here’s a few dates to keep

NBA: Summer League-New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

There’s truly nothing like August as an NBA fan, when something as simple as next year’s schedule getting released sets the internet ablaze for for a few hours.

Turns out today’s that day, folks! Get out your reading specs and let’s take a look at the schedule together:

  • Opening the season on the road, eh? Against San Antonio, though, who the Knicks always seem to at least be competitive with for some reason (remember that out-of-the-blue 130-118 win last February that sparked a rare two-game win streak?). Get your new RJ Barrett jersey all dry-cleaned for Oct. 23.
  • The Knicks’ second game also comes on the “road” at Barclay’s Center to face the Nets on Oct. 25.
  • The home opener will be on Oct. 26 against Boston, and Julius Randle will once again drop 45 points on Enes Kanter’s dome. (“We want Kanter!”)
  • Our dearly beloved former sharpshooting, shot-blocking Knick big man who left too soon will come to MSG on Oct. 28. I’m of course talking about Luke Kornet and the Chicago Bulls.
  • The Knicks will face Dallas, and former Knicks Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee, on the road on Nov. 8 and at home on Nov. 14. Good to get those painful reunions out of the way early. We miss ya, Tim.
  • Oh yeah, Kristaps Porzingis comes back on Nov. 14 too. Forgot they threw him into the Dennis Smith Jr. trade.
  • The way the NBA’s schedule works out, each team plays teams within their division four times apiece, for a total of 16 in-division games. The Knicks will be playing eight in-divison games between the season opener on Oct. 23 and Dec. 1 (three games vs. Boston, two each vs. Philadelphia and Brooklyn and one vs. Toronto). The Atlantic Division is pretty tough, so if the Knicks come out anything close to .500 after the first month and change, maybe we’re onto something here (but don’t hold your breath).
  • We’ll get to celebrate New Year’s Day by welcoming Point God Mario Hezonja back to the Garden.
  • Christmas comes early when Emmanuel Mudiay returns on Dec. 5 with the Utah Jazz. Surely he will get the biggest applause (from David Fizdale) of any former Knick.
  • Longest home stand? Five games, from Feb. 29 (leap year!) vs. the Bulls to March 8 vs. the Pistons.
  • Longest road trip? Four games, twice: from Dec. 10-15 and from Jan. 3-8.
  • Also of note, the NBA is continuing to cut down on back-to-backs and the like:

That’s about it! What stands out to you guys on the schedule? Let us know in the comments.