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Ep. 7 Posting and Toasting Podcast Friday Edition

If the Knicks make massive strides next season, this player will be a big part of it.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey everyone! I’m back with another show this week.

I dive into the full Knicks schedule for 2019-20 from top to bottom. The toughest stretches, the easier bits and where they Knicks can make a run.

There are also two dates on the calendar to check the standings to see where the Knicks are to see how far along they’ve come and 10 must-watch games for next season.

I also looked into rumors of Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks, Lakers and....Nets? What makes sense and what is nonsense?

Finally, the one player that has massive upside and make the biggest difference next season potentially for the Knicks.

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Thanks as always for listening!

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