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Calling all August P&T mailbag questions!

The dog days are just about ready to be put down...

Sevens Ale House On Beacon Hill Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Did you know August is National Sandwich Month? Did you know the first American president to recognize Black History Month was Gerald Ford in 1976? That means it took 200 years for the United States to formally recognize the general notion of Black achievement measured against centuries of brutal structural and personal hatred and oppression, yet only 1/10th that long to recognize the tuna melt? Reparations are only the tip of the iceberg of righteousness, friends.

Wondering how any of this ties back to the Knicks? It doesn’t. Maybe that absence of connection is what I’m going for here. If the NBA calendar had a superfluous third nipple, August is where you’d find it. June has the Finals and the draft, July brings free agency, September means training camp and October through May is games games games. But August? Ahh, wherefore art thou, August?

August means mailbag! Last year’s edition featured questions regarding Kristaps Porzingis’ leadership qualities (*coughs*), my preseason predictions that Frank Ntilikina would lead the team in total assists (he finished fifth) and Courtney Lee in scoring (he scored half as many as Henry Ellenson), and, interestingly enough, someone asking how we come up with story ideas during dead times like now... meaning I am now recycling questions about how we come up with story ideas in dead times in order to create content for this dead time. Surely y’all can do better.

Ask a question in the comment section below or hit us up on the P&T Twitter page. A month from now me and the family will be moving into our new house, our first house, and I will be drowning in boxes and my own private ASMR as I ponder the strangeness of living under a roof that’s no one else’s.