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Julius Randle, RJ Barrett will not play in the FIBA World Cup

Only Frank is left.

New Orleans Pelicans v New York Knicks Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The FIBA World Cup kicks off later this month, and with star American players dropping out like hotcakes, it present Knicks free agent signing Julius Randle a chance to make the roster. Well you can forget about watching Randle rocking the red, white and blue, because he too has dropped out, according to Brian Windhorst.

This is a bit disappointing, as I was looking forward to Randle possibly suiting up for Team USA. Unless his career really takes off, it’s unlikely he’ll get another chance to play on the national team in the future.

Randle is the second Knick to drop out of the World Cup this week. The Great Canadian Hope, RJ Barrett, announced a few days ago that he is nursing a mild calf strain and won’t suit up for the Fightin’ Maple Leafers.

Barrett supposedly suffered the injury playing for the Knicks in Summer League, which is surprising — he showed no ill effects in Vegas, and if anything seemed to be getting strong as the tournament progressed. Oh well.

This leaves Frank Ntilikina, who could really use a good showing for Team France, as the lone Knick who will participate in the World Cup. Mitchell Robinson has been selected to the USA’s Select Team, which means he will practice against Team USA before they head to China for the tournament, which kicks off August 31.