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Game Thread: France vs Germany - 9/1/2019

Let’s watch Frank put the French press on Germany

France v Montenegro - International Friendly Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

Wake up! Have you been starving for basket gaming? Well get a load of this, the FIBA World Cup is here to save the day. Sunday Morning hoops, what could be better?

Why should you care, you say? Well the point guardian, Frank Ntilikina, is set to defend his way to the throne. Ntilikina will be starting for the French team and squaring up with the swirling, speediness of Oklahoma City’s Dennis Schröder.

Tip off is 8:30! So get out of bed, ya bug. Please don’t post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in this thread. Be your best self. Go the Knick.