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France 78, Germany 74: Scenes from a German fake comeback

Frank barely played

France v Germany: Group G - FIBA World Cup 2019 Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

Frank Ntilikina was not in the starting lineup. Instead we were tricked by Andrew Albicy’s inclusion. It did disappoint. The French team still came out stifling on defense and Germany showed no signs of life. When Frank did eventually get into the game he was ready.

Nice hop into the right corner three there. Followed by stepping into a left wing triple here.

I’d prefer Frank did the same thing every time, but I’ll live with the same result every time if it’s as hydrating as these.

Albicy got most of the minutes at the guard spot, perhaps in an effort to keep a speedier player on Dennis Schroder. I dunno, man. Assuringly, when they needed a critical stop, French coach Vincent Collet pulled Albicy in favor of Ntilikina.

Right after picking Schroder’s pocket, he got his buzzer beater tossed at the rim but it was nice to see him rip the pesky Germ.

Ntilikina had a horrific +/- but that doesn’t rest solely on Frank when his teammates don’t close to shooters and they’re litter bugs the way they handle the ball. By my count there were seven live ball turnovers that led to points while Frank was on the floor and according to the box score, Frank had none of them. You figure it out.

Anyway. We almost had this...

Bad win for the Beldar crew. Full recap coming up a little later on. Let’s go Knick!