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Calling all September P&T mailbag questions


Today is National Cream-Filled Donut Day, the day we come together to celebrate something good inside something even gooder. In that same vein, it’s September, which has become the goodest time of year to be a Knicks fan. The draft and free agency begat new players who’ve yet to break our hearts or show their warts, or break our warts or show their hearts. Training camp is just a whisper away, when all we hear is how everybody’s in the best shape of their lives, and has something to prove, and how many jumpers they took that summer, and their irrepressible ascension to leap from the bench to the starting lineup, from starter to All-Star, from All-Star to god.

September is also good for the P&T mailbag. It’s the last mailbag until probably May where we’re entirely focused on our dreams and speculations, where there’s no mussy actual basketball to distract us. So fire away, loyal loves! What do you wanna talk about? The upcoming season? The upcoming summer? Upsides? Upending the pundits and their cynicisms? Up yours, cynics! No one asked for your glazed donut-face ass anyway!

Ask your question in the comments below, or dive into the magic of algorithms by hitting up the P&T Twitter page. Many will enter. Few will win. C’est la vie.