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France 103, Jordan 64: Scenes from an intercontinental beatdown

Ntilikina caused much damage.

Jordan v France: Group G - FIBA World Cup 2019 Photo by Zhong Zhi/Getty Images

France brutalized Jordan today. Pilloried with body blows, it was only a matter of time before Jordan just couldn’t even compete. Our good pal, Frank Ntilikina started and played fantastically.

Jordan was overmatched but this here is a microcosm of the game. Overwhelming defense and some charmed passing led to easy opportunities.

For now we rejoice in Frank dominating against a team he should be dominating. It isn’t a Kobe Bryant style dominance, but he played his role and made sure everyone else could be their best right along with him. He led the team with a +31 too. Full recap to come.