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Knicks void Kris Wilkes’ deal, open up another two-way contract

He’s injured at the moment.

2019 NBA Draft Combine - Medical Portraits Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

One youngster you didn’t see playing with the New York Knicks in the Las Vegas Summer was former UCLA forward Kris Wilkes, whom the club signed to a two-way contract following the draft. Sadly, we won’t see Wilkes in training camp either, as the team has voided his contract, per Marc Berman.

“While the 20-year-old is not considered healthy enough for camp that begins Sept. 30, the Knicks remain interested in Wilkes for later this season, according to an NBA source.”

I guess that means the Knicks could sign him again once he’s healthy later in the season. Clearly, though, the front office is looking to clear roster space for player who are willing to participate in training camp and preseason.

Each team is permitted two two-way deals. Point guard Kadeem Allen is on one, and now the Knicks have another one open with camp fast approaching. Oregon big man Kenny Wooten, who blocked a ton of shots in Summer League, will enter camp on an Exhibit 10 deal, which pays him some scratch if/when the Knicks end up cutting him and placing him on their G League roster.