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Game Preview: Knicks vs Blazers, 1/1/2020

The moon is out, it’s time for experience.

Sure we’re doomed but that doesn’t mean we, as private citizens, are not allowed plausible deniability therein. If I want to retain the right to have hope, damn it, I retain my right! In 2020, I’ll be reclaiming my time, and something tells me the Knicks (9-24) will too. An inside source, close to my gut, believes this new dawn will usher in some pleasing hoops. Bringing life back to the Mecca. Of course it may have to wait a day.

New York is well known for hosting an over-attended and heavily documented New Year’s Eve amateur hour. It shows the hell of Times Square spilling over with bellowing dullards. The crud and pus of society. A feeble minded pit of stupidity monsters.

The purveyors of fine coffee and cuisine from Portland (the original, unbranded Brooklyn) most likely sidled up to the bar all night to make sure the Knicks always had a drink in their hand. The champagne hangover can really needle you. Now the Blazers (14-20), just on the outside of the Western Conference playoff race, look to handle their business against an easy out.

Projected Starters

Some more of the same for both teams. It hasn’t been easy to find consistency this year but both teams seem to have settled in with their current groups. Portland’s swelling hasn’t gone down from the injury bug bite. Tonight they’ll be missing Mario Hezonja and Skal Labissierre. While long term injured players, Jusuf Nurkic, Rodney Hood and Zach Collins remain sidelined.

A little bit of good fortune has shone it’s light on the Knicks already this year with the long awaited introduction of Reggie Bullock.

Reggie has not had it easy this season. I can’t wait for him to help unlock the floor. If Bullock plays, he’s likely to still have some training wheels on, but it’s so satisfying to be able to toss a couple shisito peppers in the pan. Never know when you might get a spicy one.

Keys & Predictions

This is the first Carmelo Anthony sighting for New Yorkers since he joined Portland. Anthony was a polarizing figure in Knicks history, but he was well liked as a teammate and coworker. He had his head screwed on straight when it came to social justice. He scored so, so many points.

Melo also helped us feel like, if the rest of the team could lift him up, he’d get you that bucket you need.

He should be excited to let it rip against his old team. The real concern has got to be Damian Lillard. Sadly, Lillard is gonna dump 63 points on them tonight.

Knicks by -6.

Warm Up Music