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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Blazers - 1/1/20

New year, old pal

New York Knicks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Happy New Year!

Today we get to start seeing what the Knicks’ New Year’s resolutions were this year. Maybe it’s consistently moving the ball? Continuing their trend of making free throws? Mitchell Robinson attempting five 3-pointers a game???

Whatever goals they’ve set, Carmelo Anthony and the Blazers are here tonight to try to start the Knicks’ year off with a big, fat L (which they did last time in Portland, crushing the Knicks by 28 in Mike Miller’s second game at the helm). This will only be Melo’s second time back in MSG since being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder a couple years ago.

Melo is clearly paying homage to the FDNY with his outfit:

His heart still beats for NY, clearly.

On the Knicks front, Reggie Bullock is active and available, and Frank Ntilikina’s overworked groin is apparently feeling alright. No Dennis Smith Jr. again.

No changes to the starting lineup tonight either.

Game is at 7:30 PM on MSG and NBATV. Here’s Blazer’s Edge if you want to do some recon. Please don’t post any illegal streams (two legal ones are more than enough, you hooligans) or large images or gifs. Start the year off with some positivity by being nice to each other. Go the 2020 Knicks!