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Game Preview: Knicks vs Pelicans, 1/10/2020

By the way.

Back in the rotten! New York (10-28) cozies up with New Orleans (13-25) on this lonely Friday night. Both teams are somewhat depleted— more on that in a moment. So in a league where the team with the best player wins... it sorta looks like the Knicks have no one that can hack it with Brandon Ingram, who has been playing like an All Star this year. Look out for the lank.

As of late, Lonzo Ball has been slapping some points on the board too. It will be interesting to see if he’ll show up under the Garden lights.

Projected Starters

Lots of folks missing both ways tonight. The Pelicans will be without Jrue Holiday and the energetic Kenrich Williams. Zion Williamson still has yet to play in the regular season but it sounds like he is making progress having recently participated in 5-on-5 drills in practice.

The Knicks will again be without their two leading scorers. Marcus Morris’ neck still hurts and Julius Randle’s personal reasons are starting to feel a little more significant than just a kid with the sniffles. Really hoping all is well for you, Jules. No matter how much we may criticize your game, it’s not an indictment of you as a person.

Keys & Predictions

Stopping Brandon Ingram is the Knicks only hope but if you think Bobby Portis is gonna stop him, I have a bridge to sell you that I would also like to drop on your big fat head. Something to be on the lookout for is an increased reliance on JJ Redick with Jrue Holiday out. The Duke sniper would probably get a kick out of twisting young RJ Barrett all around.

Are the Knicks satisfied enough just to be home after their wretched road trip? Or do they have something to prove after getting swept up in the rug and dumped out in Fresh Kills? It is Robert “Anthony” Randolph’s music night. Can’t forget that.

Knicks by -23.

Warm Up Music