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Pelicans 123, Knicks 111: Scenes from a routine slashing

Probably could have used their top two scorers.

New Orleans Pelicans v New York Knicks Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Fifth loss in a row for the Knicks tonight. They just didn’t want to get out and guard the three. Mike Miller might need to be a little more of a roadside chemist. He is proving to be a bit too rigid with his rotations. Color outside the lines, Mikey! Put a little potassium iodide into the hydrogen peroxide you know?

Taj Gibson had it rocking early, looking like an old man’s Domantas Sabonis.

On both ends, Taj was cooking. Or at the very least, he had his mise en place together.

The starters held their own and then Frank Ntilikina and Mitchell Robinson came in and injected some energy.

This connection is really starting to come alive. It wasn’t all good for the bench squad unfortunately.

Kevin Knox generally just could not compete. His jumper is wayward. His defense is putrid.

It kept right on rocking for Frank and Mitch until they stopped being on the floor in favor of your Elfrid Payton’s and Bobby Portis’.

Payton wasn’t all bad, he had his moments but good grief he wasn’t contesting early and that got the Pelicans rolling.

This game was all over the place for a while. Ultimately that may have played into the Pelicans clutches becuase they seemed much more comfortable playing fast and popping the ball all over the floor. Didn’t matter who touched it and when it slowed down, they knew where to get it (into Brandon Ingram’s hands).

RJ Barrett had a decent outing in front of the 69,420 Duke players at the game tonight.

I like Reggie Bullock. The Knicks were able to get away with this sort of contact all game. Yet they couldn’t cut into the lead as the game progressed and New Orleans just ran half speed to the finish.

They really had no answer for Ingram. The only thing that comes close was Frank and he only played fifteen minutes.

How is it possible this kid only got fifteen (count ‘em 15) minutes?? I just don’t get it.

This is the only thing Knicks fans can really be happy about. I hope those Dolan demons gave him cash. Full recap from the Professor coming up later. Still jonesing? Go here and watch these guys: