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Suns 121, Knicks 98: Scenes from a reversion to Fiz-ball

The Knicks sucked.

Phoenix Suns v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It didn’t start out all bad. The Knicks played sloppy but they kept and set some of the pace early on. As the buckets dried up through the middle quarters New York stopped relying on one another and started to just call their own numbers. It ended really horrifically. I don’t want to make you feel bad about it though. So let’s remember the fun times...

Julius Randle was shaking, baking, quaking. Later on he was jus flaking.

Frank Ntilikina and Mitchell Robinson gave it what they could. Unfortunately these two youngsters just don’t have enough chops to control a game for more than a few stretches at a time.

Some old habits never die but maybe Kevin Knox will have enough muscle to convert this type of junk one day.

Robinson’s effort never wanes. He may get tired or foul his way to the bench, disrupting rhythm, but he’ll always give it whatever he has in the tank.

Case in point. Another guy that always gives it whatever he’s got is RJ Barrett.

After getting hosed in the first half with some lame foul calls, RJ came out looking for blood in the second half. Unfortunately he found it on a drive to the lane where he badly twisted his right ankle.

Not looking good. He was prepared to walk straight to the locker room but the refs looked at the play to determine if there was a flagrant foul. In that time RJ decided to stay in and shoot his free throws. A couple trips up and down the floor and the rook just clearly couldn’t go. I’d guess we’ll be missing Barrett for the next several games.

Maybe when he gets back, he’ll be up to his old tricks.

Nice patience from Julius there to get behind everyone and just flush it home. Frank had more defensive gems in him. Here he is punching fellow Frenchman Elie Okobo.

You don’t cut back door on Frank! Only Frank cuts backdoor on Frank!

Mirror image.

Before they knew it the Knicks were down 20 and 30. Ricky Rubio paced the Suns all night, and this laser etched pass was right on the money.

Tough loss for New York. Tough to lose Headband RJ before we even got to know him. I’m sure his amputation surgery will go fine, i just wish he was allowed to keep his leg. The Professor will have a full recap a little later on.