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Wassup In Westchester: W-Knicks traveled south and left with much-needed win

A pair of high-scoring games and the return of Iggy defines this team’s time in Florida.

Westchester Knicks v Oklahoma City Blue Photo by Todd Lussier/NBAE via Getty Images

As the G League season progresses, the stakes continue to rise for the Westchester Knicks (11-13) and their competition. The W-Knicks faced a talent opponent in the Lakeland Magic (13-12) in a back-to-back last Friday and Saturday night.

Following their meeting in the playoffs last spring, in which the Magic won, both teams have been linked to each other ever since. They faced each other to begin this season, and as of this writing, the current game difference between the Magic and W-Knicks in the Eastern Conference playoff race is just 1.5. Last Friday’s content served as another example of this budding rivalry between these two teams, as the Magic pulled out a tight 122-120 victory.

The W-Knicks got payback by winning 112-106 on Saturday night. While their offense in recent weeks has been powered by the likes of team-leading scorer Lamar Peters, Ivan Rabb, Tyler Hall, and a few others, it received a great boost with the return of NY Knicks second-round pick Ignas Brazdeikis.

The Michigan product was sent down to Westchester, and it’s by no means a surprise or slight to him. Brazdeikis’s potential and production has not only shown itself dating back to the Summer League but also in his first few games as a Westchester Knick.

While facing the Magic, Brazdeikis averaged 23, 11, and 5 while shooting 52% from the field. His presence on the floor, especially as a crafty ball-handler and shot-creator gives W-Knicks opponents, fits, especially on a team that has a pair of capable 20-point scorers in Peters and Andrew White III and players who could score 10-15+ points when needed (Hello, once again to Hall, Zak Irvin, and Kenny Wooten).

Up next for the Westchester Knicks is a return back home, as they’ll host the Salt Lake City Stars and Capital City Go-Go this weekend.