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P&T interviews Westchester Knicks forward JJ Moore

Moore brings a great mix of leadership, energy, and production to a young W-Knicks team

Delaware Blue Coats v Westchester Knicks Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Every team, especially in professional sports, could use their share of trusted veteran players. Those guys are able to be the “glue” that keep their teams together, by having knowledge, energy and talent to share. For this year’s Westchester Knicks team, their veteran has been JJ Moore. And you know what? There couldn’t have been a better man for the job.

The 28-year-old Moore is playing in his sixth season of professional basketball, after previous stints in the G League and overseas. Upon watching the dynamic combo forward play, you recognize his greatest strengths right away:

  • An efficient scorer via his 10 points per game on 48% shooting from the field and 41% from three
  • Incredibly strong and vocal
  • Willing defender

Even on a team that’s already filled with NBA-caliber talent, Moore has found ways to make himself extremely valuable to the W-Knicks organization, while also creating a chance to be called up to the NBA. I spoke with the Brentwood, NY native over a week ago, after the W-Knicks faced the Delaware Blue Coats.

Arden: Upon entering this season, what were certain parts of your game you wanted to improve?

JJ: It was a matter of working on the little things first before focusing on something else. I understood how much of a difference it makes to get that right, so I did and I’m happy with what’s been happening. I also made more of an effort to improve my rebounding and defense.

Throughout this season, my coaches have been “that’s where your minutes are at” and I’ve taken to that thought. A few months ago, I wasn’t much of a rebounder or someone who can lock up bigger bodies, but I am now and I will do that and then some to help this team.

A: What would you say about your efforts as an energetic and vocal guy on this team?

J: That it’s working! I’ve always been a vocal guy, regardless of what’s happening in the game, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Some people will like it and others won’t, but it works for me and I take pride in being that guy.

A: How would you describe playing on such a young yet dynamic team?

J: It’s been very good. These guys play so hard and their mentalities are right. We’ve been the kind of the team in recent weeks, where we could lose one game, but win two, and that’s all because of our hard work and patience. We just have to take it to another level at this point.

A: While you’re someone who is a capable scorer, you also impacted games when your offense wasn’t working. Why is that the case?

J: Because I just stay ready, to be honest. If my offense isn’t working, it doesn’t mean my defense or other parts of my game can’t work. I know by continuing to play hard on all fronts and staying patient, I will always have a breakthrough on that end of the floor. But if not, then I maintain my focus on those other areas and make sure they’re done correctly.

A: What is the biggest piece of advice you give to your teammates?

J: To stay humble throughout it all. You never know when things can change and it’s even worse when you’re taking it for granted. There’s no need to switch up your energy and mentality when it’s working the right way.