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Raptors 118, Knicks 112 - Scenes from Luke Skywalker missing the exhaust port shot

The Sith will live forever

So it was Star Wars night at the Garden for tonight’s Knicks game. As my headline suggests, it was a bit like if at the end of A New Hope, Luke Skywalker turned the targeting computer off to use the Force to destroy the Death Star and proceeded to miss by about 30 feet.

Because, you see, the Rebel Knicks Alliance or whatever was really close to pulling off a comeback, a la Luke and his buds in the first Star Wars film, but they managed to really screw it up royally down the stretch after coming within a point late, losing 118-112.

The Knicks got out big early, leading by as many as 13 in the first half. The Raptors would come back in the second quarter, though, and take a lead going into the half. The Knicks fought hard in the second half but went down by as many as 12, and ultimately couldn’t quite dig themselves out of the hole down the stretch.

A trio of players in the game — Damyean Dotson, Marcus Morris and Julius Randle — all scored 20-plus points. Dotson was the most exciting of the bunch, continuing his recent stretch of great play to the tune of 21 points on 7-10 shooting and 4-7 from three off the bench.

Randle had a stat-sheet-stuffing 20 points, 11 rebounds, two assists, three (!!!) blocks and one steal on 7-15 shooting in one of his better games recently (in my humble opinion).

And Morris had a few of his trademark moments on his way to 21 points and 10 rebounds on 7-15 shooting.

Elfrid Payton also had a notable night with a 13-point, 11-assist double-double.

That’s it for this one. Not too much more to talk about otherwise. Nets come to MSG on Sunday, and they’re on a bit of a losing streak. So maybe the Knicks can get off the losing track against the cross-town team. Recap coming later.