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Game Preview: Knicks vs Nets, 1/26/2020

Cut ‘em down

The Knicks (12-34) are starting this game down ten-oh. The Nets (19-25) won the off season and they’re in the playoff chase. They are cool! They’re bad meaning good or whatever. Kyrie Irving is coming off of a big 45-point burst against the Pistons.

That creep can roll, man. The Nets were on a five game losing streak, which should sound familiar to most Knick fans. New York has only lost two in a row, but five is like a walk in the park, man.

Projected Starters

OAKAAK, DeAndre Jordan is questionable with a finger that was steamed like a vegetable. Kevin Durant, as you may know, stepped on a landmine in his Golden State clown shoes.

The Knicks are still without RJ Barrett who recently transitioned from crutches to a walking boot. He’ll be reevaluated in another week. Wouldn’t be shocked if we don’t see until after the All Star Break.

Keys & Matchups

The Nets have lots of guys that don’t like to have to pass if it isn’t going to result directly in an assist. That many one-on-one guys and there is still only one ball. Hate to see it.

Try to allow passes to Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert. If they have the ball an extra bit, Kyrie will get all pissy pants and hands-on-hips his way through a quarter or so. Then do everything you can to deny Kyrie the ball just to help rub it in. Whatever you do, don’t let Irving load up to shoot from the right wing. You might be better off sending him back to the middle of the floor. Other than that, just bully their weakling bigs.

Knicks by -10.

Warm Up Music