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Hornets 97, Knicks 92: Scenes from the trade deadline not coming fast enough

Can we jet like half this team already please?

New York Knicks v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

That sucked.

I really just want to pretend I didn’t have to watch that absolute trash bag of a game. Here’s just a few things that happened:

Julius Randle had 18 points in the first half, finished with 24

Frank Ntilikina was only inserted into the game once there was 5:00 left in the fourth quarter and the Knicks had given up what was a 13-point lead and then trailed by 10

— Against all that, the Knicks had a chance to win this game, yet had a 4-point play by Marcus Morris overturned in just the latest in a line of bullshit calls against the Knicks this season

Basically, watching this team sucks. Once again, the youth was buried in favor of the vets in the name of “having a better chance to win,” or something, only for the Knicks to fucking lose, again.

If the Knicks are showcasing these vets to try to trade them, open up the damn floodgates and ship them off already. The trade deadline’s in a week and two days. If they legitimately think “trying to win” is worth it for a team that’s now 13-35, they need their heads forcibly removed from their asses, pronto.

No highlights tonight, no stats. This game wasn’t worth it. Recap later. Hopefully Prof. Miranda can find something to talk about, because I just can’t find it in me tonight.