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Game Preview: Knicks @ Suns, 1/3/2019

Four in a row is not possible, right?

Can the Knicks keep winning? I thought they had too many forwards, and also I heard they were only losing because Elfrid Payton wasn’t always available when David Fizdale was the coach. Are these things true? I can’t tell because I am not someone who is no longer employed by an NBA franchise. As a non member of the media it’s also impossible for me to know what’s going on, please confirm with Howard the Beck. Can the Knicks win consecutive games regardless of ownership?

You know who has a bum ass owner? The Suns. Also the Bulls and the Mavericks. The Nets’ rotating ownership has rotated in another slippery shit. The Magic is owned by the DeVos family and they are among the top 1% of worst pieces of human filth in the history of the world. James Dolan and David Fizdale fucking suck too. So whatever.

This is the second west coast trip for Mike Miller and New York (10-24) is on the cusp of winning, four in a god (doesn’t exist) damn row. They travel to Phoenix (13-21) where a little road trip starts out somewhat easy and gets insanely hard with the Clippers, Lakers and Jazz. If I’m the Knicks, I need this first one. To hell with the consecutive aspect of it. This swatch of game needs to be carefully considered and heartily handled.

Projected Starters

Ricky Rubio is considered probable after hurting his hip in what appeared to be a more serious injury. Frank Kaminsky is doubtful with a mysterious knee dilemma.

Yes it’s possible Frank Ntilikina will get a heaping helping of minutes tonight. Frank had a glorious game in the Knicks’ rout of the Portland Trail Blazers on a non-traditional Wednesday. Routinely finding Mitchell Robinson on lobs and chasing some great scorers around the floor, helping relegate them to some of the roughest shooting performances of the season. Also, can we take a moment to recognize his effort pushing known moose, Carmelo Anthony, way out beyond where he’d like to set up on the post? That attention and anticipation is what makes Frank’s powers so captivating.

Keys & Predictions

With Ntilikina potentially starting and needing to soak up a ton of minutes, I’m gonna need him to dump some of these slippery little buckets on the floor.

Smooth like butter is a line that sorta cuts like a hammer if you ask me. But the behind the back size up, for the clean left hand gather and raise up eats like them old buttery croissants that we wants. Frank is shooting .338 on triples this year which is not amazing but it’s better than any other guard that has taken more than five attempts this season. It forces teams to close out. Which just opens more passing and driving lanes. Good shooting is paramount for Knick success because frenetic ball handling to create separation is not shining much light. Sorry, Allonzo Trier fanatics, but you’ve already been told that your opinion about your buddies is not useful.

For New York, it shouldn’t be quite as easy to score against the Suns’ interior defense as it was against Portland. Aron Baynes is a veritable mudslide of a human. Trying to run up against him isn’t going to work as well for Julius Randle as it did against the lazy stylings of Hassan Whiteside, Carmelo Anthony and the like. Baynes’ girth might also shrink down some of the defiant length of Mitchell Robinson. Maybe young Mitch still has the elasticity and bounce to keep piling it on, that Baynes guy still seems like an issue however. Luckily for the interior, Deandre Ayton won’t really bring it too hard and the Knicks might be able to push him around for some easier buckets.

I bet $30 that Dario Saric and Marcus Morris have a meeting of the minds when they literally put their foreheads together and talk at each other’s chins while trying to tangle their eyelashes together. Another $10 on Jevon Carter trying to break it up. Jevon’s nickname should be The Gym Teacher. Reggie Bullock, not running on as much adrenaline, will show some rust. Blue comes out ready to fight because this road trip ain’t about to get any easier.

There is one more special briefcase with the finest Rolexeses, before we move on. For two years now I have been shrieking my little baby tears in the P&T Slack channel for more Ntilikina and Robinson on the floor together, because their combined defensive powers are the strongest unifying identity the team can put on the floor. If their offensive synergy could have the same effect, the sky is the limit.

Knicks by a now-jinxed 22. Therefore, Knicks by -11(-2). What a time to be alive for what appears to be not much longer in light of recent current events.

Warm Up Music

Thanks for the shout out, Roc.