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Draft Prospect Muscle Watch: Knicks worried about Tyrese Haliburton’s build

Also: Kira Lewis Jr. has gained 15 pounds.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen a great deal of footage of Knicks players working out recently, but we cannot forget that there are dozens are 2020 NBA Draft prospects also building muscle during #MuscleSZN. But which muscles will be the muscles that win the hearts of the Knicks’ front office on draft night?

We begin with Iowa State guard Tyrese Haliburton, who mentioned the Knicks as one of the three teams he has interviewed with thus far, along with the Warriors (No. 2 pick) and Pistons (No. 7 pick).

However, that doesn’t mean the Knicks are necessarily planning on taking Haliburton if he falls to the No. 8 pick. They have their concerns with his build, according to Marc Berman:

Haliburton, 20, said he spoke to the Knicks in July before the lottery. The Post first reported the Knicks have [LaMelo] Ball as the No. 1 point guard on their board. According to sources, the Knicks are concerned about Haliburton’s slim build (175 pounds).

We did a Know the Prospect piece of Haliburton a while back. The slim build is definitely a concern, as is the fact that Hali pretty much never gets to the rim. Prez has him pegged as more of a secondary guard for a team that already has a quality PG (like the Warriors).

Another slim guard is Alabama’s Kira Lewis Jr. Like Haliburton, Kira has also interviewed with the Knicks. Unlike Hali, however, Kira has reportedly been packing on the muscle.

We’ve also done a profile of Kira, who can get to the rim, but struggles to finish. Obviously the added strength could help in that regard.

So what do you think, Knicks fans? Would a musclebound Kira Lewis be your pick? Can you ignore Tyrese Haliburton’s skinny frame?