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In-person interviews with draft prospects can start as early as Friday

No more Zoom!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - First Round - Jacksonville Photo by Matt Marriott/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

With the NBA Draft coming along fifteen days after the final day to cast your vote for the president of the untied states, the NBA is granting teams a chance to do in-person interviews with prospects of their choosing. This may carry the weight of helping guys steer themselves to certain teams. Or at the very least away from some. Each organization will have to choose wisely, though. According to Shams Charania, teams will be allowed a maximum of 10 players to their facilities over the course of a month.

I know what you’re saying: you want to interview the prospects that have no family members or agents or et ceteras. Well, that’s creepy, you weirdo. Starting this Friday they’ll meet with whomever they deem most relevant to their three choices (8, 27 and 38). It’s possible, probable even, that many teams will be taking some leaps of faith on draft night.

Who exactly each team interviews will also be used as forecaster for who they’re truly interested in. Can’t get a read on the Timberwolves, well they’re interviewing Bobo, Hobo and Lobo. It seems unlikely that there will be any subterfuge with the limits on time and participation. So expect the news to stay littered with gentle threats. Well don’t you dare threaten me with a good time.

One thing we can rely on is that even if the Knicks can’t interview 60-plus guys and have huge group workouts to test everyone’s mettle, they do have the inimitable Walt Perrin in their corner.

With talk of the Knicks open to the idea of trading back, that could just obfuscate their goals of snagging... LaMelo Ball and uhh... hold on let’s check the notes here... JAMES WISEMAN? Oy vey. It’s official, they’re scared of paying Mitchell Robinson. Or maybe they’re trying to get a top-seven team to tip their hand? Is it possible the legend, the human-scorpion, Brock Aller, is interested in crossing the 2020 draft river on the backs of chivalrous frogs? Does this mean we’re all doomed?

Tune in Friday, maybe there’ll be news.