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The G League’s immediate future is up in the air. What could that mean for the Knicks?

What that could mean is...

Westchester Knicks v Lakeland Magic Photo by Gary Bassing/NBAE via Getty Images

With civilization’s timeline being pushed into the back of earth’s hall closet and a global crime syndicate openly daring someone to hold them accountable, the NBA G-League season is in limbo. Right now it seems very possible that it may go the way of other extinct dinosaurs like James Dolan’s wizened drinking buddy, Harvey Weinstein, and end up being canceled.

Yes we can remark over the questions. Most G League teams fly commercial and the logistics of setting up multiple G-Bubbles (Gatorade Fizz coming soon to a bodega near you) might be more trouble than it’s worth.

The thought to expand the big league rosters could be fun for the Knicks, as maybe that would allow them to keep their two-way contract guys without suffering through the ramifications of playing them too much. If the shackles were off Kenny Wooten, maybe he would have made some appearances with the big club once Mike Miller took over last season. Wooten maybe doesn’t get hurt, battles Mitchell Robinson for the dunks and blocks championship belts and cattle prods the Knicks into the bubble, where they go undefeated and take on the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round of the bubble offs.

From there they vanquish the Antetokounmpo brothers and literally make Eric Bledsoe retire. Shoes and one sock off, sitting on the baseline, pondering. Who married your adopted sister, Eric?

In any case, what this actually could mean is that the G Leaguers will be incorporated into larger rosters. If that happens, the young Knicks as currently constructed, with flexible contract statuses and three yet-to-be-determined rookies, might be looking at a situation where guys like Elfrid Payton and Bobby Portis are more expendable than ever before.

There was a lot of excitement for the upcoming G League season because of the select squad Gatorade had been assembling with guys who would have been one-and-done college players. So a season can’t be ruled out but as it currently stands, the closet is very full and the NBA will have to pull out all that winter clothing sooner than later.