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Knicks Draft News: Front office checks in on Isaac Okoro, Kira Lewis Jr., Immanuel Quickley

Quickley can shoot that J.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We begin with a player we haven’t mentioned much on these pages: Kentucky guard Immanuel Quickley. According to Adam Zagoria, the Knicks have already met twice with Quickley. This comes on the heels of a video of Quickley putting on a fine shooting display in the gym.

I knew absolutely nothing about Quickley except that he went to Kentucky, so I checked out his college basketball-reference profile. It turns out he went to the same high school I did — the John Carroll School, in Bel Air, Md. — which is absolutely mind-blowing. No athlete of any importance has ever gone to my high school. We always got our asses kicked in basketball. I don’t live in the area anymore, but it’s pretty wild that I somehow missed a McDonald’s All-American going to my alma mater.

Anyway, Quickley shot 42.8% from three on nearly five attempts per game last season, so you know he can shoot the rock. According to our own Jonathan “Stingy” Schulman, he doesn’t do anything else, though.

Turning to the front of the draft, Ian Begley interviewed Auburn coach Bruce Pearl about forward Isaac Okoro. Pearl says the Knicks have been very inquisitive: “They’ve talked to strength coaches, trainers, assistant coaches – they’ve done their homework. And they’ve liked Isaac from the jump.”

Pearl expects Okoro to be gone before the Knicks pick at No. 8. Perhaps that means the Hawks could take him at No. 7. Who the hell knows?

Another potential pick, Alabama PG Kira Lewis Jr., talked about his meeting with the Knicks.

Wow, that is a polished answer. Kid has done his homework on how to provide stock answers to stock questions.

Sound off in the comments, folks: Who was the most famous athlete to play for your high school?