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Danilo Gallinari talks his impending free agency, praises new Knicks boss Leon Rose

Trying to get the pipe dream?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets - Game Five Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

When our bleary off-season-eyes came into focus on a summer that never fully arrived, we sharpened our gaze on Danilo Gallinari. We saw that old rooster shirsey in the back of the closet, folded up nice and pleasant, and thought, yes, this does spark joy.

That all came crashing down this week when Danilo implied that he would be seeking a title contender on his next contract. No longer a spring chicken, and with the prospect of big money not seeming all that appetizing, the Knicks will struggle to leverage their gigantic cap space to lure him in. It’s too bad he’s not a bloodsucking maiale capitalista who will squeeze every penny out of his former agent, and our pal for the time being, Leon Rose.

In an interview with Michael Scotto for Hoops Hype, Danilo praised everyone and everything, reiterating the sentiment to play for a winner but he didn’t back into any corners when talking about what he’s looking for on his next contract.

A lot of things. I definitely want to keep playing the way I’ve been playing and be a key player for a franchise. I want to be able to help these young guys that are growing up and some amazing talents. The goal, of course, as a player is to win.

Mostly Gallo is a very diplomatic interviewee. Keeping things positive, cheerfully saying everything and nothing, while heaping praise on everyone that came up. You can read along with the interview if you want.

In the end, if New York is hot to get Gallo, they better vacuum up any loose star players because then they might be able to get him for cheap. Of course, he isn’t going to be the missing piece without a major roster shift and it doesn’t make sense to chase a complimentary guy by simply adding disparate talent. Old regimes have tried to do that, and that’s why the Knicks burn through front offices like the wildfires that are shredding the Western untied states, while the current administration offers literally no assurances that they give a god damn.

In any case, Gallo also mentioned having a baby on the horizon and relishing the challenges of parenthood. So I guess getting Knicks-affiliated goofball, Steve Stoute, to pay Madalina Ghenea to sit court side at home games won’t work. Whatever, never wanted him to come back anyway!