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Knicks hire former Mavs scout Reggie Johnson as new pro personnel scout

The fleecing of Dallas continues unabated.

LM Otero, Associated Press

Empire Sports Media reports the Knicks have hired Reggie Johnson as their new pro personnel scout. Don’t believe me? Look upon their tweet, ye mighty, and despair!

Jackson spent the past 14 years as the Mavericks’ advance scout and was with the franchise for 25 years, meaning he goes back to the Jason Kidd/Jamal Mashburn/Jimmy Jackson/Toni Braxton days. He began with the organization as a merchandising coordinator, so clearly the man is familiar with hustling and bustling, a necessary trait for New Yorkers. The Empire article mentions Johnson was also a big-time high school basketball and football player, though having seen Charlie Ward ‘round these parts I’m not sure anyone beyond the noobs will care.

Hopefully Johnson is yet another brick in the wall of the Knicks’ latest approach to winning, i.e. signing every single scout in Creation until there’s no one left for the other teams have to hire. Hopefully he’s cut more from the same cloth as Dirk Nowitzki or Rick Carlisle, i.e. integral to Dallas’ successes over the years, and less like Mark Cuban, i.e. the only owner in NBA history soooooo smart he rebuilt a champion into something lesser rather than let them defend their title.