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REPORT: The NBA’s salary cap is set to decline between $3 million and $15 million next season

And maybe next year too

UC Irvine professor Larry Coon who is an expert on the details of the NBA labor agreement at Staple Photo by Lawrence K. Ho/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The salary cap is getting considerations that will have negative consequences around the league. A lot of good teams are already scraping the cap ceiling and several of them are belly-flopping into luxury tax hell. Certainly there will be a few teams contemplating major alterations. Some even have new arenas that were funded by taxpayers and they’ll be among the loudest to cry pandemic poverty.

No matter what, the cap is going to go down. The unspecified amount that, according to Kurt Helin, will be anywhere from a around a veteran’s minimum to a solid starter salary level of dollars, is going to force teams to be as proactive as possible.

The biggest concern most franchises will have is that the projections for the 2022 cap could also be alarmingly lower. The pandy hits different when you consider your favorite team might decide to move on from a fan favorite they can’t justify paying.

A more precise number should hit the streets in the next couple weeks so that the league can make some more informed decisions at the draft and on the trade market, which could be robust.

The Knicks are projected to have some of the most money available regardless of the final cap number and they should leverage the difference to squeeze the living hell out of any team trying to make moves. Whether that’s Oklahoma City, Utah, Boston, Golden State or whoever, doesn’t matter. Hunt them down, Leon.