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Dennis Smith Jr. and Chris Paul lead students in a march to vote

The NC natives are rallying the youth

NBA: New York Knicks at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

While we the rabid Knicks fans wait for our beloved ‘Bockers to return, there’s an important event which looms closer on the horizon. No, I’m not talking about the Nov. 18 NBA Draft — even sooner than that. I’m referring to the Nov. 3 presidential election. Yes, some things are bigger than basketball.

Knicks point guard Dennis Smith Jr. seems to understand this. The Fayetteville, North Carolina native teamed up with NC basketball legend Chris Paul to lead a parade of students to the polls in his hometown.

Is that a marching band I hear in the background? That’s a nice touch!

The cynics among us could point out that CP3 has been linked to the Knicks via trade rumors for months now, but this is not about basketball.

Dennis talked about the importance of voting as a black man with a local news channel

DSJ’s Knicks tenure has been pretty much an unmitigated disaster since he came over in the infamous Kristaps Porzingis trade, and I’m not sure what his role will be on next season’s team. But he seems like a good dude overall, and he’s marching for a good call. My hat’s off to him.