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REPORT: The Knicks worked out Kira Lewis and Devin Vassell, are contemplating trading down

Both players are good!

NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Duke Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks’ brain trust took a trip down south a few weeks ago to work out Florida State wing Devin Vassell and Alabama point guard Kira Lewis Jr. Head coach Tom Thibodeau and Leon Rose’s No. 1 capo, Worldwide Wes were in the audience watching Vassell and Lewis, and apparently came away impressed with both.

But now the game begins. If they want Vassell or Lewis, both players will likely be available when the Knicks pick at No. 8. Then again, they could fall a bit, and maybe — just maybe — be available if the Knicks trade back.

The front office is pondering just such a scenario, according to Marc Berman.

“Sources have indicated the Knicks are weighing whether either Vassell or Lewis are worthy of the eighth pick or if they should trade down a few notches to gain an asset, with the chance to still nab either of them.”

Trading down and getting the player you love is the dream of every GM and draft junky. Can it be done? That’s the tricky part. First, you need a partner. The Celtics are rumored to be open to dealing up from the No. 14 pick. Would a player like Vassell or Lewis be available at 14? I have my doubts.

One thing I find interesting: Vassell is often compared to another wing defender in this draft, Auburn’s Isaac Okoro. But the Knicks only interviewed Okoro, and didn’t work him out. Does that mean the front office prefers Vassell?

Vassell discussed working out with Thibodeau in this video. (WARNING: The kid’s voice got BASS.)