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The NBA announced the outline for its 2020-21 schedule

The NBA released a loose schedule of events

BKN-PACERS-LAKERS-VALENTINE Photo credit should read VINCE BUCCI/AFP via Getty Images

Some chill vibe technician called Ian Begley slapped this perceptual schedule out for the world to see on his twitter machine. It’s full of all the cool info what needs gleaning. You can make all kinds of educated guesses now.

What’s that say? Enhance! Ah, whatever.

Look folks, if COVID goes away because the weather gets warm on account of the global warming hoax then rest assured, there’s gonna be 72 games and the Knicks will play a 2013 Earl Barron of those games (42) against Eastern Conference foes and a 2010 Earl Barron against Western nemeses (30). They’ll limit travel by playing certain Western series both at home or both on the road in little mini series. Like a pack of muffins. Certainly there will be limitations on access to arenas and with any luck the NBA will continue to set the country’s best example on how to contain air born infectious diseases. As opposed to say... the University of Alabama.

The actual schedule of games is probably still being hatched and it will be released in two parts. The first run of games will be released before training camp and the second half in “the latter part of the First Half portion of the schedule”. In other words, We’ll figure some shit out and we’re definitely not flying by the seat of our pants, trying to snag all the cash as we scream past. If you happen to be interested in purchasing a sloppily thrown together special edition jersey of one of the thirty teams, that’s cool and up to you.

The All Star festivities will plop off in early March. Then the second half of the (ir)regular season will go through the middle of May. Followed by a play-in tournament for the last two playoff spots. Maybe they’ll test out the Elam ending one of these days in some of these games.

The NBA Draft is today, free agency starts Friday and the pre season starts on December 11th. That is less than a month from now. I’m sure you’re as ready as the NBA is.