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Nate Robinson reps Knicks colors in celebrity boxing spectacle, gets knocked unconscious by YouTube creep

Aw shucks.

Celebrities Attend Minnesota Timberwolves v New York Knicks Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images

Nate Robinson might not have been a great NBA player, but he provided Knicks fans with some entertaining moments during an extremely fallow point in franchise history. Please believe me when I say that writing this article brought me no joy.

The closest thing to “Knicks playing competitive sports” we’ve seen in the past nine months has been a pair of TV spectacles — first, we had franchise legend Charles Oakley participating in Dancing with the Stars and Saturday night we witnessed Nate take on “YouTube celebrity” Logan Paul, who is apparently famous for being some kind of asshole online.

Nate repped his Knicks roots during the match, rocking orange-and-blue sneakers, and he had the full backing of Knicks social media.

Hardcore celeb Knicks fans like Desus were pulling for our guy.

The whole thing was stupid, of course, but watching Nate beat the crap out of some YouTube jerkoff held certain appeal. After all, it’s not like he could lose, right?


Yes, that is Snoop Dogg you hear singing gospel hymns while Nate gets knocked unconscious. The Internet had a field day with Nate’s humiliation, naturally, but we are not here for that. We’ve seen Knicks players get embarrassed in all manner of ways over the years, but this might just take the cake. It’s (mostly) sad.

Anyway, the Knicks will play actual basketball in less than two weeks. Hopefully they don’t lose this badly.