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Knicks get Kith kits, Dipset does promo

Knicks tap Kith, Kith taps Dipset, Dipset taps slam poetry

2Pac Pop Up
Steve Stoute & Ronnie Fieg, the masterminds behind these uniforms.
Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Time has come and practically gone to give your mom a Kith X Knicks X Dips RJ Barrett special edition replica jersey. Hanukkah ends on Friday, baby! This isn’t the first time the Diplomats have made a Knicks-inspired jersey. You can still get the 5XL if the gods live well and have the cash clientele. Or the extra small. But like I said, Hanukkah is almost over so you better hurry that heinie.

Pretty much all of twitter and the internets took a gigantic dump on these things, myself included. Of course not literally everyone hated them straight off, and thats cool. I honestly don’t think these are among the worst of the uniform redesigns around the league. Generally what i dislike is just a difference of design opinion. I still am not especially a fan but I think these get clowned a little too easily because the Knicks being a punchline is “what she said”. Hyper original.

Then news came out that NYC fancy store, Kith, designed them and a lot of people seemed to changed their minds. They said, “Now that I know I’m looking at a Supreme for adults outfit, I like it so much more!” Well that’s fantastic. Taste is evolving and there’s no accounting for it.

Maybe you’re still not turned around on these suckers. Well what if we took a detour uptown and I told you the latest news around these Kith kits is that Cam’Ron, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones did a promo video for it from center court at the Garden?

Cam out here doing a solid Al Bundy impression. I wonder if Killa can still get buckets. Aren’t those jerseys so cool now? Yea. Nah. But I guess it’s all about that dough and cheese. These uniforms are a slice of pizza. What you think? Let me know in the comments.