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Knicks injury report, 12/30/20: Frank Ntilikina out with a knee injury, Immanuel Quickley participated in practice

Get well soon, everyone.

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Knicks’ injury report has been something of a roller coaster these days, with new players coming down with surprise ailments on seemingly a daily basis. Let’s hope Wednesday’s report is the exception.

OK, the first part looks good: Austin Rivers, Immanuel Quickley and Alex Burks are healing up and might be ready for Thursday’s game against the Raptors. Wait...what’s that next part?


Frank Ntilikina, the team’s backup point guard for the past two games, will miss time with a knee sprain. When the hell did that happen?

This sucks. It seems like every time Frank is given a chance to earn a rotation spot, he gets struck down by an injury. At least it isn’t the groin this time.

So who will take his spot in the rotation? It depends on how Quickley’s hip responds to Wednesday’s practice.

Quickley, Rivers and Burks are all 50/50 to play tomorrow, so nobody knows who — if anyone — will be available against the Raptors. We could be in for some Jared Harper and Theo Pinson minutes.