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Calling all February P&T mailbag questions

The heart wants what the heart wants


Before his execution, Saint Valentine of Rome was said to have restored his judge’s blind daughter’s eyesight. A minor miracle compared to Mike Miller restoring the Knicks to watchability since taking over for the departed David Coulda, Shoulda. Thanks to Magic Mike, the season has topsied from Knick fans crying “I’m tired of my team sucking so bad!” to Knick fans crying “I’m tired of my team sucking moderately less!” Will wonders never cease?

As the landing gear descends and we near the All-Star break, let’s mailbag. Wanna talk tanking versus playoffs? Explore trades made or trades that never were? Maybe you have a take on this year’s draft worth sharing now? Do you have suggestions for future pieces you’d like to see at P&T? In honor of Valentine’s Day, you can even ask away regarding love and basketball, though not Love And Basketball, which I’ve never seen. I also haven’t watched White Men Can’t Jump, Juwanna Mann, Air Bud (nor any of its four sequels) or My Giant. Truth be told: I only saw Space Jam for the first time a year or two ago.

How could I miss so many basketball movies? Simple: I was probably busy watching the Knicks or thinking about them when those films came out. Also, I think most basketball movies pro’ly suck. Disagree? Share why and we’ll discuss soon in the February mailbag!