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Wizards 114, Knicks 96: Scenes from the Knicks’ shooters taking an early vacation

At least Portis got ejected.

Washington Wizards v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Knicks had been playing pretty well of late, which made some fans (myself included) forget how much they truly suck. They were kind enough, however, to remind us just how much in Wednesday’s 114-96 loss to the Washington Wizards at MSG.

The game was sloppy throughout, but Washington didn’t pull away until the fourth quarter, when a host of Knicks fouls and a healthy portion of Bobby Portis bullshit allowed them to pull ahead by a few possessions. Knicks fans had reason to hope after referee Zach Zarba ejected Portis in the fourth, but then Bradley Beal checked back into the game and quickly put the Wiz up by double-digits.

The Knicks shot 3-23 from beyond the arc.

I usually ride for Mike Miller, but tonight’s game wasn’t his finest. While Mitchell Robinson’s foul trouble didn’t do him any favors, Miller remained wedded to Portis as the team’s center and primary bench scorer. I thought Damyean Dotson wasn’t playing because he was still suffering the effects of his recent illness, but then Miller played him in the fourth quarter. Just a lot of weirdness overall.

Moe Harkless played his first game after being acquired in the Marcus Morris trade. He had a pretty pass in the first half. That was about it.

The Knicks played like a bad team that is ready for the All-Star break. Matt “The Professor” Miranda will have the recap. Godspeed.