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Pacers 106, Knicks 98: Scenes from some interesting late-game lineups

Why do you wait so long, Mike Miller?

Indiana Pacers v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Like they usually do, the New York Knicks staged a fake comeback at MSG Friday night, falling behind the Indiana Pacers by 20 points in the third quarter before pulling it together for a futile attempt at a W. But I actually enjoyed their fourth-quarter comeback this time, thanks to some inspired play from the youngsters.

Watch them boys run a cool set which ends in a Mitchell Robinson dunk!

And here’s some Kevin Knox defense (???) leading to some Frank Ntilikina offense (???).

And here’s RJ Barrett driving with authority.

Why do the Knicks need to get down by 19 points in order to pull out these kinds of lineups consistently? Your guess is as good as mine, friends.

Head coach Mike Miller made some head-scratching decisions earlier, rolling with Moe Harkless at the 3 in a no-shooting lineup and running the offense through Julius Randle, who was terrible. Thing improved when he put the ball in RJ’s hands late, with Frank (12 points!) and Bobby Portis (19 points!) sharing the scoring load, while Randle mostly stayed out of the way.

Anyway, 106-98 Pacers is your final. Matt Miranda will get the recap later. Stay fresh.